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Our Ethics

As a company Bombs and Bubbles Galore is very eco-friendly and ethical.

All our products are made with the most natural ingredients you can get and the products are all sourced as locally as possible.  The products themselves are all handmade in Scotland.  None of the products are tested on animals and the basic ingredients haven't been either - not since 1967!

The wrap they come in is Biolefin, a biodegradable type of shrink wrap which breaks down 90% faster than regular shrink wrap.  Our glitters are bio-glitter which is actually derived from seaweed and is full biodegradable.  The packing peanuts I use in your deliveries are all made from starch and even the boxes you get your orders in are either recycled from my own deliveries or are from my supplier who make new boxes from recycled cardboard.  I don't like to think I am generating more waste than needed - even our rabbit gets broken down boxes to play with!

We add no plastics to our products and only use bubblewrap when we think it is necessary to do so in your parcels.  

The shampoo bars can be bought with or without the tin, so refills don't have to come with another tin.  The tins themselves are fully recyclable too so if you can't find a use for them, pop them in your general recycling bins.