What's in The Bath Bombs?


An alkali and the basis of any bath bomb. Found in many foods, it’s body safe and gentle to your skin. To activate bicarb you need an acid – that’s where our second ingredient comes in...


Again another ingredient that is found in food – from tomato ketchup to your favourite fizzy drink. When combined with bicarb, this is the two ingredients that give you the “fizz” in your bath bomb.


We won’t harp on about the benefits of having Epsom salts in your life – but it’s all good! Skin loving and soothing


Again another ingredient found in food for thickening – added to a bath bomb we love the “silky feel” it gives the water.


Great for skin, and traditionally found in face masks – helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and makes the bath water feel lovely and soft.


The bubble makers! We use both ingredients in our ranges of bath bombs. No SLS is used in any of our bath bombs. We use the mildest foam makers available.


We use both (not at the same time) in our ranges. Both help with softening and the moisture. We want you to come out of the bath feeling clean and your skin feeling soft and silky. Adding oils is a must for skin loving ingredients.


This ingredient is essential – we use brightly coloured water soluble dyes and micas for hand painting. Mica is not water soluble so as a result it will float on top of the bath water – so we add polysorbate as it helps to disperse the mica so you are not left with a ring round your tub that requires a lot of elbow grease to remove.


Bright colours that will not cause permanent staining to either you or your bath. If you handle your bath bomb when wet, you will get colour transfer – just as if you got hair dye or ink from a pen…..but don’t panic! It washes and fades off – just use some soap and give your hands a good wash. We don’t advise anyone with porous hair to dip their hair in a bath that is highly coloured though – bleach strips the hair so it stands to reason that anything will be sucked right up into the hair shaft…….just like you would avoid chlorine in pools – you might want to wash your hair in uncoloured water.


Sodium alginate – derived from seaweed and gives our body bombs that lovely foamy soft feel.

Cocoa butter – skin loving and skin softening – used for our drizzle and in our whipped soap toppings.

Cream of tartar – helps to thicken and to harden bubble frosting and bubble bars.

Parfum – the accepted name for fragrance oils. We use some amazing fragrance oils from sweet inspired to your favourite perfume. All products come with ingredient label and allergen info.

Our bath bombs are vegan friendly and cosmetic safety assessed for use for children over 3 years old. As with anything new – always do a skin test and check ingredients label in the case of sensitivities. We found a good way to check is to wet a small bit of the bath bomb and gently rub on your inner arm. Wait a few hours to see if there is any reaction before using in the bath. We have many many happy customers who have sensitive skin, but because of fragrance oils with allergens, it is simply not possible to say that any person will not have a reaction, everyone is different, so we advise that you check ingredients and use caution just as you would do with any new skin product you decide to use.

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