Official Sponsorship

Some of our followers may have already seen our big news for this coming Ice Hockey season if you are following our Facebook Page or Group or our Instagram account.

On Monday 15th March 2021 Bombs And Bubbles Galore became the official sponsor for Jackson Whistle, The Nottingham Panthers Netminder.

It has been something I have wanted to do for so long and I finally got the opportunity when it was announced that the sponsorship application process was open. I can safely say that even though we won't be physically at a game, the girls was most excited that one of their favourite players is now being sponsored by their mums little business!

The eldest has met him before and he really is a lovely, down to earth person, just like the rest of the team are too.

Nottingham Panthers will be joining together with 3 other Elite League teams this season to play a number of games across the limited time frame and we are as excited as ever to be able to watch from home.

So that is our big news... How exciting!

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