I did it!

Updated: May 26

I finally heard the news the other day that I had passed my BSL Level 1 assessments and I am so happy!

It's not often you find yourself doing something that isn't just necessary, but enjoyable too.

I had wanted to take a BSL course since my babies were small, but working full time and having limited childcare I couldn't do the day-time courses and the evening courses went on too late. Having my own business spurred me on more because I found it hard to communicate with some of my customer base - but courses were just not accessible for me.

So, when this opportunity arose back in 2021, I leapt at it and signed up.

Going back to college after 20+ years was kind of daunting but I went with someone I actually went to school with, we made friends with some amazing people along the way. We learned so so much - a lot more than I expected for Level 1, and finally, on 9th May I took my final assessment.

Sitting in that exam room was kind of scary - just me, my tutor and a camera pointed at me! But, I did my best to ignore the fact it was there and pretended like we were just in the pub having a conversation about our work lives.

I was expecting to have to wait for 6 weeks to hear but I got an unofficial text message from my tutor giving me the news on Tuesday morning. It was a much needed boost to my week and I am so pleased.

I now feel confident in being able to help deaf customers better when they visit my stalls, or communicate when needed in everyday life. Having this has opened up so much already!

Just need to await my certificate now, but I am now Level 1 BSL qualified 😀

Catch you all soon!


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