Back to the Stalls

I am getting pretty excited now... This weekend brings me back to stallholding out in the open, back with fellow stallholders and in the public eye again!

It seems like a very long 6 months since I last held a stall and I didn't think it would happen again this year, but I am back and I am bringing goodies. Like these Mystery Boxes ❤️

Along with these I will have plenty of brightly coloured, highly scented bath bombs to brighten the stall up! I even get my own little cabin... How fantastic?!

I will be holding my regular once a month stall at Cromford Mills, Cromford, Derbyshire every 1st Sunday of the month at their Bazaar weekends - hope to see you there!

I will also be holding a stall in Ockbrook, Derby for a charity event on 10th July and still keeping on top of our monthly weekend events over on Facebook with the All That Sparkles And Sews Collective gang - don't miss out on those bargains either!

Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you, meet some of you and provide you with all your lovely bath bomb requirements 😁

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