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Hello everyone! How are you? Well its time for me to prepare and get ready for getting back to stallholding! Its going to be a great year for stalls as I have a new spot at Heanor Market in Derbyshire. Are you local? Why not visit?

I will be at Heanor Market on the first Saturday of every month for their Craft Market, and then in my usual spot at Cromford Mills on the first Sunday of every other month in my little cabin!

I will also be attending the Etwall Well Dressing weekend in Etwall, held at John Port School over the weekend of 21st and 22nd May which looks to be a great event. It is their delayed 50th anniversary of Well Dressing so please, if you can, come along and see what small businesses you can support this year!

A Little Bit of a Insight into the World of a Small Business Owner

Without our customers, small businesses wouldn't exist. Without you all keeping us going we would have collapsed so quickly over the last 2 years. Unfortunately, the way things are going with price increases in several aspects of life, it is becoming increasingly hard for small businesses to compete with the big brands out there - but its safe to say that Bombs and Bubbles Galore is still cheaper than that well known high street store, I give you discounts and offers and these are the things you will never get from the likes of the corporate companies! Did you know they even add extra costs to their gift boxes? I put them together at no extra charge to you, the customer.

Every sale I get actually helps my family, it keeps my business going and most of all, it makes me happy dance! So, when you do buy from a small business, please keep in mind that that small business is often just one person tearing their hair out most days trying to keep going and keep everything up to date for you customers! We may not be the absolute cheapest (lets face it, no-one can compete with pound shops and discount stores bringing in cheaply made items from China) but we are passionate about our businesses, we do everything we can to make our customers happy and we do what we love - often alongside our day jobs, family life and everything else.

And lets face it, being an award winning business is something to celebrate and this is what makes me stand out from most of the other bath and body retailers out there! Thanks to Theo Paphitis choosing my business to join his #SBS family. It really did give me a boost!

Thank you for reading and really hope that you continue to support your local small businesses as much as possible. It really does mean the world to us, and it also helps your local economy thrive too!

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