All Products are Fully Assessed

These last few weeks I have had lots of questions asked from whether the bath bombs are suitable for sensitive skin or to see if we have a CPSR on our products.

I can 100% say that all the products I sell have had all their cosmetic products safety assessment done and each product is fully produced under the laws that are in place.

What I can also say is our products are assessed for anyone age 3 and over. We do not advise to use on anyone under that age, and we do advise to always do a skin test before trying anything. This is why I have my samples.

What I cannot tell you is if you will have a reaction to any of our products. This is because everybody's skin is different and everyone has different triggers for allergens.

Allergens are mainly found to be from the fragrance oils however they can also come from the other ingredients such as coconut or almond oils... Our bath bomb ingredients are listed on the tab on the website or below in the blog lists... The other things like shampoo bars and lotions have their ingredients on their own website listing.

We also have labels on every product we sell, but sometimes these can fade. If you're not sure on something then please get in touch. If I don't know personally I can go to my supplier and ask the questions for you.

If you ever have an issue with a product I supply, I can provide you with the information you need - just make sure you read the labels and keep for future reference - don't just bin the wrapper, keep it for a day or two just in case.

If you have known allergies, treat the products as you would anything else - check it out before you buy, try it out before you submerge your whole body!

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